When it comes to yoga, it’s never too late!

Whether you’re 55 or 95, it is never too late to take up yoga. You are only as old as you feel! Get the most out of your “golden years” – now that you finally have time to do something for yourself and your own physical and mental development. Many problems associated with ageing such as circulatory disorders, arthritis and digestive complaints are a result of lack of exercise, poor eating habits and shallow breathingProper breathing is especially important for older people. Yoga, with its positive effects on the endocrine and nervous systems, can also be beneficial in dealing with the discomforts of menopause.

Tapping new sources of energy at any age

In just a short amount of time, specially adapted yoga exercises can awaken the body’s power of regeneration, leading to more energyenhanced physical well-being and a more positive attitude towards life. Many complaints associated with ageing such as sleeplessness, lack of drive and initiative, insufficient circulation and digestive trouble can be corrected.

An important tip for your yoga practice

Start your practice of asanas (postures) at a slow and gentle pace. Never overexert the body or force yourself into a pose. Respect your physical limits. And within just a few months you will be doing things you never thought possible. 

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