Yoga for mother and child

The months of pregnancy are precious. Yoga helps right from the beginning to create a positive environment for the mother and the child she is carrying. Yoga can help prevent problems like excess weight and back pain.

For beginners, too!

Even those who have never practised yoga will soon realize that even the simplest exercises enhance well-being and health. Relaxation, breathing exercises and meditation are a great relief during pregnancy, delivery, and the time afterwards. Yoga lets you tap your inner source of strength and helps you deal better with phases of stress and fatigue.

Specially adapted asanas

Yoga practice during pregnancy is based on the 12 basic postures. Over the course of the pregnancy, many postures are adjusted or replaced with specific variations. In addition, students learn special poses to prepare them for childbirth.The mother-to-be should ask her doctor before practising yoga. It is advisable to attend pregnancy yoga classes (see right column for schedule) in addition to practising at home. 

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