Relaxation is your birthright!

Actually, it should be possible for all of us to live our lives in a state of physical and mental relaxation – this is our natural condition or birthright, if you will. But most people have lost sight of this fact. The complex demands of this hectic age, and the struggle to pursue a career while rearing a family, are the reasons why many people find themselves in a constant state of stress. They are physically and mentally tense most of the time – often even while sleeping.

Loss of energy through tension

Unnecessary tension not only leads to discomfort but also consumes energy. It is the cause of abnormal fatigue and disease. Migraine, a tense neck or aching joints may be the result. We expend lots of energy keeping our muscles in a constant state of tension, and most of the time we are not even aware of it! Without proper relaxation, the body and mind are overtaxed and cannot function properly.

Relax properly!

The body and mind experience a deeper state of relaxation when we are expending little or no energy. This is the natural way to relax. As every action – conscious or unconscious – consumes energy, proper relaxation is of vital importance. Perfect relaxation consists of three parts: physicalmental and spiritual relaxation. When we master the art of proper relaxation, we possess the key to healthvitality and inner peace

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