Short practice sessions

"An ounce of practice is better than a ton of theory." Swami Sivananda

… and a day with yoga is better than one without!

When is the best time of the day for yoga? That is something everyone has to find out for themselves. Early risers often enjoy practising in the morning before work, getting the day off to a good start. In contrast, late sleepers, who treasure every extra minute in bed, would probably be better served by practising afternoons or evenings.

Once a day is best

Swami Sivananda always stressed the importance of daily practice. To make it easier for you, below you will find ideas for short practice sessions. Just 15 or 30 minutes every day already has positive effects on your energy level, power of concentration and mood.

Practice session 1: 15 minutes

Practice session 2: 30 minutes

  • Relaxation (Savasana): 1 minute
  • Kapalabhati: 2 rounds with up to 50 exhalations
  • Alternate nostril breathing: 5 rounds at 4:16:8
  • Sun salutation: 5 minutes
  • Headstand: 3 minutes
  • Shoulderstand: 1 minute
  • Plough: ½ minute
  • Fish: ½ minute
  • Forward bend: 1 minute
  • Cobra: ½ minute
  • Locust: ½ minute
  • Half spinal twist: 1 minute
  • Triangle: 1 minute
  • Final relaxation (Savasana): 5 minutes

Tips for the morning yogi – or those who are aspiring to become one

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