Zulu, October 9: Diwali goes far beyond from religious ritual to a colorful festivity bringing people together. Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini hosted Diwali for the first time to bring a social cohesion through a festive mode. On Saturday the Linduzulu palace in Nongoma for the first time witnessed the festival of lights. Amid recent tensions between Indian and Zulu communities, this gesture will definitely help a better relation with India.

This is a gesture to teach how each community should respect each other. Previously when it was announced to celebrate the main goal was social cohesion. Sivananda World Peace Foundation, headed by South African- Indian businessman Ishwar Ramlutchman co-hosted the celebration.

"We have come together here at the call of his majesty that Diwali should be celebrated at the sacred grounds of Linduzulu Royal Palace in KwaNongoma."When the call came I felt it was apt because today we talk of social cohesion which our government of the day is promoting and we're actually embracing,”said Ishwar Ramlutchman.

Since a long time, the communities lived together and some of the Indians arrived in South Africa during last part of 19th century. They had a peaceful co-existence since then. Hence the Diwali celebration is a major step towards the attempt to revive lost unity.

"This is unity in diversity because social cohesion doesn't mean that there should be a group of Indians, a group of whites and groups of Coloureds. When we talk about social cohesion it means that although we may have different cultures let us have something in common," said Prince Thulani Zulu.

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