Message From the President of the Sivananda World Peace Foundation - Ishwar Ramlutchman My Humble Greetings to:The Honourable Consul General, Sri Shashank Vikram The Premier of KwaZulu Natal,Mr Willis Mchunu The Patron of The Sivananda World Peace Foundation, His Excellency Prince MG Buthelezi. SHENGE! Mrs Shameen Rajbansi & All participants gathered here today.

Firstly, I would like to thank the Consulate General of India , Dr Shashank Vikram to have us as a partner to Host the International Yoga Day for the 4th year. Congratulations to the Prime Minister of India for having initiated the process for declaring June 21 International Yoga Day.
The call by the Prime Minister of India , Sri Narendra Modi to the United Nations gives hope to the world.

We are happy to have His Excellency, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi for the 4th time here at this very same venue to celebrate International Yoga Day despite being father’s day and not being with His family .By The way His Excellency will be turning 90 Years next month. We wish all the participants and members of the community to join hands in using Yoga as a medium to promote Unity in Diversity in our beautiful province , KwaZulu Natal. All Yoga experts that want to get involved in yoga programmes across the province can give us your details.

Lastly we wish you all a Happy Yoga Day.

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